over 25 million Americans have sleep apnea [1] 
- 80 to 90% of adults with OSA remain undiagnosed [2,3] 
- Severe sleep disordered breathing is associated with a 3-fold increase in all-cause mortality risk and a 5-fold increase in cardiovascular mortality risk [4]. 
-  OSA triples the risk of risk of incident hypertension over a period of 4 years [5] 
70-83% of patients with drug-resistant hypertension have OSA [6]
- 70% of patients with Type 2 diabetes have sleep apnea (ASAA)
- SDB is present in 77% of men and 64% of women with a history of stroke, 76% of individuals with congestive heart failure and 60% of patients with metabolic syndrome [7,8,9]
The rate of motor vehicle accidents  is seven times higher in patients with sleep apnea than in the average population [10]