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Finding Solutions, Breaking the Cycle

What is the purpose of these online panel discussions?

According to the CDC, chronic diseases are responsible for 70% of the mortality rate and 86% of all healthcare spending in the US. The combination of sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy diets, sleep deficiency and stress is pushing an increasing proportion of the population toward an unhealthy physiologic and psychological cycle that is difficult to break and has profound consequences on quality of life, morbidity and  mortality.   Many of these chronic conditions reinforce each other, creating positive feedback loops that are difficult to effectively address without a close understanding of the mechanisms involved and a concerted effort involving multiple specialists. 

Some of the most common problems that our patients struggle with (i.e. obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sleep disorders, depression, chronic pain, cognitive decline, etc) have common causes and an overlapping pathophysiology - requiring an understanding of these causal chains and a coordinated intervention in order to correct the root causes and successfully untangle these vicious cycles. Understanding the connections between sleep apnea and obesity, depression, cardiovascular risk or ADHD; learning about non-pharmacological options for the management of chronic pain or insomnia (such as cognitive behavioral therapy); understanding how control of systemic inflammation through various simple strategies can lead to a major reduction in the risk of stroke, heart attacks or Alzheimer's disease; familiarizing ourselves with new guidelines, risk assessment tools and treatment options - all these strategies can make a significant contribution to the overall preventive and outcomes-based medicine of the future, assisting physicians in their primary efforts and empowering patients to reach their healthcare targets more efficiently.

It is our goal to create a local dialogue on best practices, most recent guidelines and community resources available to address chronic health conditions in a more effective and cost-efficient way.

Over the coming months we plan to publish a series of problem-oriented panel discussions aimed at helping patients understand and untangle these chronic disease cycles, along with relevant peer-reviewed research and guidelines to provide a resource for both healthcare teams and the general population. 

Topics to be addressed: 

Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke Prevention
Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Insomnia, Shift Work and Other Sleep Problems
Diabetes and Weight Management
Depression and Anxiety
Management of Chronic Pain / Opioid Addiction / TMJ Problems
Cognitive Impact of Sleep Disorders in Children, Adults and Seniors (including Alzheimer’s prevention and ADHD)
Employer Sleep Management Programs, Healthcare Costs and Workforce Performance

We would love to hear your thoughts and  suggestions on aspects you would like to see addressed in these panel discussions. 

Coordinator Contact:  

Dr Liana Groza DDS FAGD
Diplomate, Am Board of Dental Sleep Medicine 
Office Phone: (509) 290-6044